Meditel Productions is an award winning production company specialising in issues surrounding science and medicine.

It has made over 150 Network Documentaries for Broadcast Television, including: Channel 4, BBC TV, Sky News and Thames Television.

It's latest production 'Positive Hell' is a 30 minute documentary which tells the story of five individuals who have defied their doctors and lived on for nearly thirty years with a diagnosis of death. The film highlights a network of people diagnosed HIV Positive in the province of Galicia in Northern Spain. Visit Website

Meditel recently produced the 90 minute feature length film ‘Positively False – Birth of a Heresy’ which was nominated for Best Documentary at the 2011 Lucerne International Film Festival and 2012 Marbella Film Festival. Visit Website

The film draws together 25 years of footage from the Meditel & Immunity Resource Foundation Archive surrounding the challenge to the Virus AIDS Hypothesis.

ICHST Conference - Rio de Janeiro 2017

Handout (PDF) Abstract (PDF)

Recent Productions:

Sacrificial Virgins (Trilogy)

Part 1 - Not for the greater good

Part 2 - Pain and suffering

Part 3 - A penny for your pain

Positively Wrong (Trilogy)

Part 1 - Censored

Part 2 - Testing times

Part 3 - Criminally false


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